SFMC First-Ever Mr. and Ms. Intra-Collegiate!


Tuesday, October 17, 2023 - Wednesday, October 18, 2023    
All Day

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Congratulations to the San Francisco Municipal College – SFMC First-Ever Mr. and Ms. Intra-Collegiate!

Mariel Javier – MS. INTRA-COLLEGIATE 2023
Dennis Pelantagaan – MR. INTRA-COLLEGIATE 2023

What a historic moment it is as we crown the very first Mr. and Ms. SFMC in this thrilling inter-collegiate competition, marking a spectacular highlight of our College Days festivities! Your poise, talent, and grace have truly set the stage on fire, and you’ve made your college proud today.

To our outstanding winners and to all the participants who made this event unforgettable! May your reign be filled with success, new friendships, and countless opportunities. We can’t wait to see the positive impact you’ll bring to our college.

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