The census conducted in 1990 showed that San Francisco with a population of 41,142 constituents; 4.03% of the province’s total population compared to 1995 with 43,357 or 3.55% of the province population and 2000 with 48,734 or 3.58% of the province population.
The population grew at an average annual growth rate of 1.07% from 1990 to 1995 to 2000 and 1.34% from 2007. In 2011 actual census the population grew at an average of 1.07%; 1.09% in 2012; 2015 with 64,391 or 1.02% and in 2018 with 68,671 or 1.06%.

The population of the municipality, based on the most recent census conducted by the barangay officials in every barangay for the purposes of updating the municipal profile has a total number of 68,671.
The total above shows the number of population of San Francisco in various censual years compared the population of the whole province of Quezon.

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