POBLACION, SAN FRANCISCO, QUEZON — As of October 9, 2021, RESBAKUNA, Department of Health’s COVID-19 Immunization Drive and Rural Health Unit – San Francisco accomplished 6,299 total jabs or equivalent of 8.2% out of 37, 817 eligible people to be vaccinated in the municipality.

The vaccination tally is comprised of five priority groups and here is the summary and data collected from the latest COVID vaccination report:

Frontline workers in health facilities both national and local, public and private, health professionals and non-professionals like students in health and allied professions courses with clinical responsibilities, nursing aides, janitors, barangay health workers belong to GROUP A1. The group has total number of eight hundred and seven (807) individuals who participated to the vaccination drive. Four hundred thirteen (413) individuals completed their second dosage and three hundred ninety four (394) individuals finished their first dosage.

Individuals age 60 years old and above (senior citizens) are clustered in GROUP A2. It has one thousand two hundred sixty two (1,262) participating individuals. The seven hundred seventy five (775) individuals are now fully vaccinated and four hundred eighty seven (487) individuals finished their first dosage.

The highest number of participants belongs to GROUP A3 or adults with comorbidity. It has three thousand three hundred sixty seven (3, 367) in total number of participants. One thousand nine hundred fifteen (1,915) individuals with comorbidity are now fully vaccinated and the rest, the one thousand four hundred fifty two (1,452) individuals are waiting for their second dosage.

Meanwhile, GROUP A4 or front line personnel in essential sectors both public and private, including uniformed personnel, and those working in sectors identified by the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases or IATF that are directly client facing and cannot dutifully meet minimum public health standards has seven hundred seven three total participants. Two (2) individuals received their full vaccination and seven hundred seventy one (771) individuals have their first dosage.

Lastly, the SFQ Rural Health Unit started to give the first dosages for GROUP A5 or the cluster for poor population based on National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction (NHTS-PR). The ninety (90) individuals are waiting for their final dosages.

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